Infusing cannabinoids into beverages is a fairly new technology.  The reason our delta 8 drink is so popular has to do with the water-soluble nature of the product.  When done correctly (not to toot our own horn), the euphoric effect is more pronounced, is felt much faster, and lasts much longer.  This trifecta is enticing because first off, you don’t have to wait for 45-90 minutes to get your desired feeling, as FIzzy can be felt in as little as 10 minutes.  Second, you will be able to maintain the Fizzy vibes for up to 6 hours.  Last but not least, it’s literally apples to oranges when it comes to how our product makes you feel.  Whether you try our Delta 8 Seltzer or Delta 9 Soda, you’ve never tried a product like this before.  Take the Journey challenge and see for yourself!