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Answers to our most common frequently asked questions

Journey Hemp Co’s Fizzy Infused Beverages offer the upbeat euphoria and lucid mental acuity you expect from a premium THC product without the need to go to a dispensary. Our beverages are formulated by experienced chemists passionate about cannabinoids and their ability to improve people’s lives.


The magic of Fizzy occurs as soon as it hits your taste buds. While most “nano” products use an emulsion process that requires surfactants and bitter blockers to work appropriately, Fizzy on the other hand is made using a nano-encapsulation process that maintains a pure, unadulterated flavor profile. The end result is a beverage that tastes as good or better than the Red Bulls, Monsters, and Cokes of the world. Nano products do not have to taste bad. We’ve compared Fizzy to every THC beverage on the market and stand by having the best-tasting THC beverage we’ve had the pleasure of drinking. Try one for yourself and experience the difference!


The process of creating a truly nano-encapsulated water-soluble beverage starts with using the highest grade and potency hemp-derived THC distillates we can find. Then, using an ethanol-based technique, we break apart the THC molecules into smaller pieces. Lastly, we encapsulate the nano-sized THC particles using only the safest food-grade ingredients to create a water-soluble powder. In processing our material this way, the THC molecules are able to stay in liquid suspension once mixed with the other ingredients. Most importantly, due to the size of the particles, Fizzy is able to offer a higher rate of bioavailability and deeper, more profound effects. Let’s compare:

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When the standard THC molecule goes through the human digestive tract, it becomes 11-hydroxy-THC metabolite, which is approximately 10 times stronger than the THC molecule itself. This is the reason why gummies feel so much more powerful than smoking flower. Through our nano-encapsulation process, the smaller THC molecules are shielded from the digestive process, so not only are the molecules interacting with your CB1 and CB2 receptors as soon as you begin drinking Fizzy, the THC molecules remain mostly intact throughout the digestive process. Another pleasant aspect of this is that the THC molecules are able to enter the bloodstream at a rate similar to drinking alcohol, which is how we’re able to create a rapid onset of effects in as little as 10 minutes.


Hemp and hemp-derived products were made federally legal through the 2018 Farm Bill. We use only the highest potency Hemp-Derived THC distillates in all of our products. Every batch of beverages we create goes through stringent in-house testing before being Certified by a DEA-registered third-party laboratory.